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Welcome to When Worlds Collide! If you are a new visitor and wish to join the forum, please read the rules before registering.

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Welcome to When Worlds Collide! If you are new to the forum, please review the rules before signing up as a character. Thank you!


 Welcome & Rules

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Welcome to When Worlds Collide and thanks for expressing your interest in the forum! We hope you enjoy your time here. Let's go over a few of the rules before you get started, hmm?


Character Limit
- There is none. Play as many characters as you'd like, but please, please make sure that you are able to play them all equally. Don't hog characters so other people aren't able to play them. It's rude, and we'll find out about it.

Plausible Characters
- AKA characters that are actually alive. Please don't sign up for people that are dead. I miss Eddie Guerrero terribly, but I'm not gonna sign up as him. You can, however, use their face for an original character if it is not taken. If you want to sign up as a Legend (Roddy Piper, SCSA, Lita, Trish, etc) and put them on a show, that's allowed.

- We've all done it. Some more than others. It's allowed, try not let every third word be a curse word.

- Don't do it. We understand that sometimes, you need to pick up another character in order to pull off a wrestling maneuver, but to make another character run the ropes, miss a clothesline and defeat them with an all powerful move without giving the other person time to post and defend themselves is not allowed. Hell, godmodding is not allowed. Godmodding is not allowed. GODMODDING IS NOT ALLOWED. There, now you can't say that you didn't see it.

Posting in jumbles
- I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that you all have passed 9th grade English and/or have read a book with dialogue in it.
Quote :
hey randy do you want to see the movie tonight maria said oh by the way congrats on being champion you were great she told with a smile
Things like that make us itch. Please take the time to post properly.

Don't bug people via their PM boxes (or anywhere else for that matter) that you updated a topic and are "patiently" awaiting their reply. A gentle reminder after a week is fine, but "hey i posted in our topic" every day/hour/minute/second is not. It's annoying, and it will more than likely make your partner drop the topic as a whole. They have lives outside of the forum.

Avatars are required for your characters, no exceptions. Signatures (banners, as most people know them) are not required, although if you do use them, the limit is two. The maximum size of the banners is 600x300, although 500x250 is preferred.

- Feel free to have your characters in relationships, but please remember that most of your characters are here as wrestlers and that they are expected to complete their promos, segments and matches. Don't blow off what you're supposed to do on the shows for your relationship.

- It's allowed. Take it to the NSFW board (Not Safe For Work, for those of you that can't decipher acronyms) if you can, but we get that sometimes it breaks the flow of the topic to have to stop, go to NSFW, and come back. Or sometimes, you just gotta get it in - it be's like that sometimes. Use your discretion... and protection. Wink

- Don't be the jerk that's always stirring up drama out-of-character. If you have a problem with someone, don't roleplay with them. It's that simple. Don't come to admins about your issue with another player unless it is seriously disturbing the forum (which it shouldn't). Just like you, we are here to roleplay. Not peer mediate. Your problems are not our problems. Respect your fellow RPers and keep this place a fun, drama-free environment.

Word Count
- Does not exist. We recognize the fact that some people like to post in paragraph form, while others like one-liners. We prefer quality over quantity. Do as you please, but don't chump your partner. If they give you a detailed post that's maybe, oh, a paragraph and a half, don't reply with two lines that are non-progressive. It ruins the roleplay and frustrates your partner. Always give your partner a reply that they can work with so that your roleplay may continue.

Original Characters, family members
- Bring 'em on over. We do ask you to ensure that your OCs are relevant. Example: If your original character is a superstar, that's great. If your original character is a 13-year-old boy who sits around plays guitar and has no affiliation with the WWE whatsoever, well, we don't even know why you'd even sign up as him. Relevance is key.

As far as family members go, please make sure that if you're going to sign up as someone's family member, you ask the person that you wish to be related to. If you want to sign up as Nathan Orton, ask Randy's player first. If you want to sign up as John Cena's long lost sister, ask the person who plays Cena first. Get it? Great.

***Yes, you can sign up as TNA superstars on this board, but they must be on a WWE show.***

We're sure that as the site expands, so will this list. We try to keep things loose for you guys so you can truly personalize your experience and have as much fun as possible.

Happy roleplaying!

Welcome & Rules Vince-McMahon
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Welcome & Rules
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